This web page serves as a place holder for upcoming services. The upcoming services we have planned are summarized below.


  • Testing and Evaluation Services - We are again opening our doors to psychological testing and evaluation. Contact Us for details.
  • Online Credit Card Processing - Credit card process is now available through your patient portal account located at https://www.valant.io/Portal/Binnacle. We recommend you use the patient portal to pay your statement. Accounts with credit cards on file are charged the patient responsible balance 1-3 days after each office visit. Patients without credit cards on file are sent patient statements at the end of the month by encrypted email and postal mail. Patients can also contact Billing (425-242-5207; billing@binnaclepsychiatry.com) to process your credit card payments by phone. 
  • Online Registration - Currently, online registration is done via email and plain old fashion PDF forms. (Once you fill out the forms, you sent them securely to us viaSendInc.com) Sometime in the near future, we hope to provide patient registration either online or through editable PDF pages that you can securely upload/download directly.
  • Improved SMS (Text) Messaging - Currently, you get a short voice mail or text message on your phone about your upcoming appointment. We plan to expand our SMS text messaging capability to support a wider range of messaging sometime in the near future. 


If you have interest in seeing something else, kindly either let your Provider, the Front Office, or Billing know and they will pass it onto our IT staff in the back room that works all our magic. No promises on when we might get to it, but we do keep a running list of upgrade requests.

Thank you.

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