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D. The secure message and attachments are encrypted end to end using AES-128 or AES-256 military grade encryption.

C. Compose a message, add an attachment and then send it to us at either:



STEP 1. Using your browser, go to https://www.sendinc.com

STEP 2. Create a free account using your regular email address and/or login if you already have an account.

STEP 3. Compose a short message and add any file attachments to your secure message up to a limit of 10MBs. (If you need to send us more than 10MBs of information do it as multiple secure messages.)

STEP 4. Select 7 days (the defaults) to limit the days you document(s) are stored on a public server (again encrypted by AES-128 or AES-256)

STEP 5. Send the email to either office@binnaclepsychiatry.com or billing@binnaclepsychiatry.com (no one else will be able to read your message.) 

STEP 6. Wait for us to send you a response that we got your message by regular email.

STEP 7. If you got a secure message from us, just go to https://www.sendinc.com and login with your free account to see the message and deal with it.

Separately, we are working on setting up our own server(s) to handle this situation, however, the process has been slow.

Thank you for your patience.



Sending us regular email is NOT HIPAA compliant. It is like sending us a postcard where everyone can see your personal information. The best way to send us something securely is not over the internet, but by calling us by phone or using regular postal mail or by sending us a fax. 

If you absolutely want or need to send us information securely, particularly involving Personal Health Information (PHI), here's a process we are currently using. (This approach is completely free and no subscription is required. It is also highly secure and uses  either AES-128  or AES-256 military grade encryption.) (We were earlier using send.firefox.com, however, they discontinued that free service due to abuse.)


B. Setup a free account using your regular email address with us.

A. https://www.sendinc.com