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"I've been seeing Dr. Bay for one year now. Dr. Bay has found the right combination of medications for me, other psychiatrists have been unsuccessful. Highly recommend her as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist."

"I found Dr. Bay professional, very considerate and helpful and spot on with the diagnoses she gave me. My life is much, much better because of Dr. Bay."

"Dr. Bay is very compassionate and professional. Her diagnosis and treatment were spot-on. It changed my life for the better. She's great."

A binnacle holds a ship's compass and keeps it safe and stable while the ship pitches and rolls. At Binnacle Psychiatry we know the world can be stormy, but we strive to provide our patients with the care and treatment they need to weather even the roughest patches and move towards calm waters.

we believe in Individualized and evidence-based treatment for every patient. 

Located in Downtown Kirkland, we offer a range of mental health services including therapy, medication management, and addiction treatment. Our experienced team provides caring and personalized attention to every patient.