While TMS continues to be highly effective, we have SUSPENDED TMS in our practice for the moment. TMS requires a high-volume operation and ongoing marketing to be cost effective. Other organizations in the local area are doing a more active job at specializing in TMS.  We may again provide TMS in the future, but for now if you need a referral to another clinic, feel free to call or search the web.

What is TMS? 

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Deep TMS treatment consists of daily outpatient sessions of 20 minutes over four to six weeks. In each session, the patient is comfortably seated in a chair and a cushioned helmet is placed over the head. The helmet generates brief magnetic fields, at an amplitude similar to that used in MRI systems. Throughout the session, patients remain alert and awake, and immediately afterwards can return home independently to resume their daily routines.

Is TMS effective?

Deep TMS is an FDA approved effective, non-invasive treatment for patients with Major Depressive Disorder who have not responded to or cannot tolerate antidepressants.

Large multi-site studies have shown Deep TMS to be effective for patients who did not respond to medications and showed TMS to be safe and effective. 

Over 70 percent of the patients in the study had a significant response to the treatment and over 40 percent went into full remission. 

IS TMS Covered by my insurance?

Many insurance plans, including Premera, Regence, Blue Cross Blue Shield, cover TMS. Contact Us for assistance in learning if TMS is covered by your insurance.

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